Welcome! Thank you for joining the React Course.

In this course I assume you start with zero React knowledge, nor knowledge of frontend frameworks.

The course however has a few prerequisites:

  • Familiarity with Web Technologies
  • Basic JavaScript Knowledge
  • Know how to use a Code editor

I will make these assumptions.

Also, I assume familiarity with the basic concepts of React. Don’t worry: I explain all you need to know in my React Handbook, available here.

Basic knowledge will suffice, and I’ll explain all the complex things encountered during the course, to reiterate all the concepts.

It’s also good to know at what stage you will be after completing the course: you will have a lot of React concepts in your hands, and you will also have your first React projects 100% working.

Note: I based the Pixel Art and Bill Tracker projects on CodeSandbox. The code is a little bit different from the code generated from create-react-app locally. I based the Ecommerce project on create-react-app instead. This will give you a look into two ways to organize your projects.

Both approaches are perfectly valid, just pay attention at this if you think your codebase does not perfectly reflect what you see in the code I make.

In either cases, I make use of React hooks, so you need to bump the required versions of React and ReactDOM to 16.8.0 or above. You can do so in CodeSandbox by clicking “Add Dependency” and searching react and choosing the newest (should be the top one), and repeat this for react-dom.

Ready to go?